Kester of Perth


  • Building renovation,
  • Internal feature walls,
  • Fireplaces,
  • Front external facia,
  • Courtyard renovation - barbeque, rendering, 2m walls etc
  • Creating decorative doorways/openings
  • Decorative staircases

Cost effectively fix up problem / ugly areas creatively using Kester's various skills

Limestone rendering entrance on painted house. $1800.


Above - Rendering in kitchen. Freeform random rubble style render $130/m

See mediterranean look render $100/m

Below - Spa / courtyard fixup. Kester's rendering has enabled extending the shed. Matching new work with existing work using stone render. Visual and noise barrier stylishly conceals spa equipment.

Below - Courtyard renovation

Table and bench (before and after). Table $1250 (supply and fix) Bench $800 Plaque $300

Tables can be custom made to any size or shape. The making of large slabs plus bullnosing can be creatively used for making many things, ie, outdoor kitchen, decorative lintels - can be arch shaped, or potentially any shape .

Red quoining (rendered). Windowsill added. Rendered walls. Another example of creative rendering techniques.

Aida Egyptian resteraunt in Northbridge. Rendering 2m Egyption frieze. Unique concreto tables by Kester.
Example of how far you can go with making and decorating concrete. Potentially anything can be created.

Tut mask by Kester. Kester has the necessary skills to create individual / difficult shapes, moulding, designs and finishes.

Decorative render by Kester. Conservative, stylish entrance statement. Preston Point Rd South, Fremantle, top of hill.

Painted surfaces can be changed considerably.