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Artifical Rock Water Features

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Artificial rock frieze with a glass front pond looks great at night. $4000 as a water feature with a pond. $2500 as a non water feature no pond.

Flat Artificial Rock frieze with frame, 2meters by 3 meters. $4000 as a water feature with a pond. $2500 as a non water feature no pond.

Swimming Pool with large water fall feature. $5000.

45 degree water slip way. (see older picture)

Rendered Koi pond with glass window. Glass windows can give a garden pond the feeling of an aquarium lit up at night.

This is a 2m by 1m one piece Kester rock - hollow, cement based, attractive shape plus texture exlusive to Kester. It's easy to see how a number of these rocks can be used creatively - sticking out of the water, planter boxes, underwater, anywhere you like.

Combination moulded and freeform masonry 'rock' water feature with 45 degree water spillways. First artificial water creation by Kester. Built to client's specifications.


Rock Feature No 1 (close up)
Rock Water Wall 3m x 2m as Water fall Job R20

Early artifical rock feature by Kester. This is an early rock feature by Kester.

Early coloured concrete spillway and bowl.

Early Kester rock feature. Starting to show potential at last.